Slovak-Hungarian cooperation for active aging

The project “Active Aging – Improving the Quality of Life of the Elderly in Slovakia and Hungary” (project number: SKHU 1902 / 4.1 / 101) funded by the Interreg VA Slovakia-Hungary Cooperation Program represents an innovative approach aimed primarily at improving the quality of life of the elderly through exercise and socialization. Previous research has shown that the integration of physical and mental activity into the lives of the elderly has a key effect on their health, quality of life and the level of social inclusion in the Hungarian-Slovak border region.

It is also true for Košice and Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén counties that their society is aging, which is a challenge for the health sector. The activities and program elements undertaken in the project respond to this problem, as their implementation increases the expected age of the people living in the target area, which can generate significant positive social change and also reduce the burden on the health care system.

aktív időskor központ - szívességbank
aktív időskor központ - társalgó

The following activities will be implemented within the project:

  • Community area

An “Active Aging Centre” will be established in two county capitals, in Kassa and Miskolc, where a variety of educational, health and sports programs will be organized. Active participation in lifelong learning and sport programs makes a significant contribution to creating a culture of active aging.

The “Active Aging Centre” in Miskolc is implemented by BORA 94 Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County Development Agency Nonprofit Kft. in cooperation with the Reformed Church District of Tiszáninnen in the Diaconal Centre in the centre of Miskolc (Miskolc, Palóczy László utca 8).

The needs of the elderly were identified on the basis of a questionnaire survey conducted in Miskolc and partly in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county. The centre’s program and service offerings have been developed based on the results of the research.

  • Online platform

A number of services for the elderly will be available on the website. The platform is a system that provides stakeholders with easy-to-navigate, valuable and useful information about available programs. It also includes a “Favour Bank” through which the elderly population of the two counties can offer their help to the community or any organization on a voluntary basis, and organizations (institutions, NGOs, businesses) wishing to employ the elderly will be available. Volunteering helps seniors stay active, feel useful, or even join new communities.

  • Volunteer days

In addition to the opportunities generated by the “Favour Bank”, cross-border volunteer days organized by the project provide space for active participation of people over 60 years of age. 20 people from Miskolc can volunteer to take part in a 4 day Summer Camp for children organized in Slovakia.

aktív időskor központ - sport eszköz
aktív időskor központ - sport programok
  • Support from experts

Specialists will be recruited in Miskolc, who will undertake to give one lecture, training and session for the target group on a voluntary basis during the maintenance period, and to participate in the implementation of program elements during the one-year term of the project. Experts in health, crime prevention, law and social life will be selected. In addition, a common database of voluntary experts (SKHU Ambassadors) will be compiled in Slovakia on specific topics such as healthy lifestyles, legal advice, financial advice and security.

  • Workshops to Exchange experience

In addition to services provided directly to the elderly, the project also seeks to provide new answers and solutions to the issues and problems associated with the growing aging population, which will help to maintain the active life of people over 60 and increase the number of years spent in good health. In order to encourage this, BORA 94 Nonprofit Ltd. is organising a cross-border workshop in Miskolc, involving Hungarian and Slovakian professionals working in the field of elderly care, to exchange experiences and knowledge sharing.

Project partners

Lead Beneficiary: European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation – VIA Carpatia (SK)

Beneficiary partner: BORA 94 Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County Development Agency Public Nonprofit Ltd. (HU)

Institutional cooperation and exchange of experiences between the partners of the SKHU Ambassadors project will help to ensure the long-term efficiency of the activities and the utilization of the results.

Implementation period:

April 01, 2021 – July 31, 2022

Total budget of the project:

195.942 EUR

Amount of ERDF support received:

166.550,7 EUR

BORA 94 total budget:

94.732 EUR

Amount of ERDF support received by BORA 94:

80.522 EUR

The project is supported by the European Union and co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.