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A discussion circle entitled “UNDERSTANDING” begins

The purpose of the discussion group is to gain knowledge about a topic, to better understand each other’s point of view, to express our own opinions, and to exchange views on the key issues of our personal and social life.

For the first time, it will be a “dawn” and an “afternoon” of our lives. The focused and moderated conversation seeks to answer the question of what we can learn from each stage of life, how we can let go of certain things in order to face new life challenges and welcome their challenges.


Date: April 11, 2022, 12:30 to 14:00

Venue: CENTER FOR ACTIVE AGING, in the building of the Diaconal Center (Miskolc, Palóczy László utca 8.)


WE ARE WELCOME TO THE INTERVIEWER FOR ALL OVER 60 YEARS OLD. Participation in the program is free, but pre-registration is required due to the high interest expected.

You can register by filling out the form below.


Attention: Due to the capacity of the Active Aging Center, we can accommodate the registration of the first 25 people. We will always send you a confirmation email about your successful registration.

In case of over-registration, no further registration is possible.


Apr 11 2022


14:15 - 15:15

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